One wounded in Monday Waco shooting


Waco police say one man was wounded in an early Monday morning shooting incident.

A Waco Police Department spokesperson said the initial call came in at 1:33 a.m. reporting a discharge of firearms near 23rd Street and Sanger Avenue.

They also received a report that a car had crashed into a pole at 23rd and Sanger.

When officers arrived, they were told a man had been shot in the leg and had been taken to a local hospital.

Crime scene technicians recovered over 80 shell casings from the area  and believe that shots were exchanged between people in a vehicle and a man at a home.

The shell casings indicated that the shots came from six different calibers of weapons.

Some of the bullets struck vehicles and homes of those who were not actually targeted in the shooting but which suffered collateral damage.

As police gathered information, a story began to unfold that appears to have begun earlier Sunday evening at a local bar with a man and woman getting into a disturbance during which the woman was assaulted by the man.

Officers say that as a result several people drove to the area where they expected to find the man who was involved, leading to the exchange of gunfire.

Police say the man in the house was the one actually hit, and while the wound was believed not to be life threatening, surgery was required to repair the damage.

Police say in addition to the shell casings that were recovered,  two vehicles were taken to the police laser lab to be processed.

Fox 44 spoke with one woman living in the neighborhood who says she is okay thanks to her brother who yelled at her to get down on the floor. 

Diana Beaty’s house is now riddled with bullets. 

She says, “It sound like July Fourth was here, bullets were just flying everywhere, they were flying everywhere.”

Beaty describes the shooting right in front of her house, “When they were shooting and it was coming through the walls I was so scared I actually had to get down in the hallway cause I was afraid I was gonna be hit.”

Beaty and her brother also tried to shield their bedridden aunt. 

Besides their house and their television set getting hit, the bullets also shattered the glass on their neighbor’s truck.  

Beaty questions why her family has to be involved in this. 

She says, “I just wanna live a normal life and have grand babies come over, especially the holidays are coming. I can’t have a Thanksgiving at my house now. “

She says she no longer feels safe living in this area, thus she is considering to move. 

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