Over 100 Summer jobs for students in Killeen

Application deadline for most jobs is March 27

KILLEEN, TX - The deadline is close approaching for students to apply for summer jobs in Killeen.

The city opened more than 100 summer jobs to keep up with the demands of summer programs between May and August.

"We hire 55 lifeguards, 10 water safety instructors to teach some lessons, five pool managers, nine cashiers, and one clerk position this year," said Julianna Baxter, Aquatics Supervisor for City of Killeen Parks and Recreation.

That's 80 positions available to students ages 16 and older in Killeen.

"They think of it as their second home because they are working so much, I mean they get 40 hours a week, so this becomes their second home when they are working 80 hours every pay check," said Baxter.

The water park starts out at $7.25 for cashiers and can go up to $10 an hour.

"I have a lot of returners that come back year after year, one of our longest ones has been here since the park opened and he comes back every year," said Baxter.

Some of those positions have requirements, like passing a swimming test if you want to be a lifeguard.

"Which is a 300 swim, a two minute treading test and a one minute and 40 second brick test which consists of them swimming, going in and diving down to pick up a brick which represents a 200 pound person and then they come up and have to swim on their back all the way back," said Baxter.

Swimming instructors have to take a course to get certified.

"They have to hold somebody's life in their hands, and we get about 50 thousand people in our doors a year, so they have a lot of responsibility for being 16," said Baxter.

It's not only jobs at the Aquatics Center, the City of Killeen has opening in everything from Gold Shop Attendant and Greenskeeper to maintenance work at the pools and parks and Recycling Attendant.

"They're getting city municipal experience, when I was 16 no one ever told me that it could open the door to a municipal job, so I try and teach these kids what really it can do for them," said Baxter.

Most of the jobs have an online application deadline for Tuesday, March 27th.

Click HERE to see all the available positions.

As for Waco, the city doesn't hire anyone 18 years and younger, so students looking to work for the city would have to volunteer.

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