Waco Police: Officer run over by drug suspect

Update: Officer's Name Released

Waco - Waco police have released the name of the officer pinned under an SUV by a suspected drug dealer.

William Graeber has been with the Waco Police department since 2009, and has been a member of the SWAT team for five years.

Graeber has three broken ribs, a broken pelvis, collarbone, a collapsed lung, a concussion, and burns to his arm after the incident.

Doctors removed his breathing tube this morning, and he is breathing on his own right now.  There is still a tube in his chest.

Doctors say Graeber is improving and they are cautiously optimistic.

Officer Graeber's wife says she is overwhelmed by the prayers, concerns, and thoughts from the Waco community.

She is especially grateful to what she calls her husband's 'SWAT Brothers'.  They are the responding officers and others who sasved her husband's life yesterday.

Police say the man who ran Graeber over is Kerry Demars Bradley, and he was 37 years old.

This started as officers were serving a warrant on the suspected drug dealer near the intersection of North 23rd Street and Olive Avenue.







Sgt. Patrick Swanton of the Waco Police Department says when Graeber approached Bradley's Denali around 10:12am, the driver ran him over, pinning him underneath.

The other officers fired at Bradley, hitting him several times.

Officers then worked together to lift the vehicle off Officer Graeber.

Swanton says the trauma surgeon working on Graeber says he has severe injuries, but that he is going in the right direction.






Judge Peterson pronounced Bradley dead at Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Tuesday afternoon.

The Waco Police Department Special Crimes Unit and the Texas Rangers are conducting a co-investigation of this incident.

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