Police say candy not laced with narcotics

CLIFTON, TX - Clifton Police Chief Trace Hendricks says that a story circulating around town that a candy is laced with narcotics is not accurate.

He said that a Facebook post had been circulating that included a picture of an officer holding a test kit used for field testing for narcotics.

After the department began getting calls of concern, Chief Hendricks took to the Clifton PD Facebook page to make a clarification of the incident.

He told Fox-44 the whole thing started when a man brought a bowl of candy he found in the possession of a child he was responsible for to be tested because he was concerned that it might contain drugs.

The candy did show a positive test result, BUT the officer then went to a store and obtained the same type of candy and conducted the same test and found that the food coloring was causing the false positive.

No THC was actually found in the candy.

To confirm his findings, he contacted a narcotics lab and spoke with a lab tec who confirmed that the test result received was typical.

He says he does not believe that the candy in question contains any narcotic of any type.

In his statement, Chief Hendricks added, "This being said, I appreciate and understand the parents concern. I'm glad that this parent was proactive instead of looking the other way. We should always be aware of the hazards that face our youth these days. "


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