Possible rain for marching competition

WACO, Texas - It may look nice now at Waco High School's football stadium, but there is a 60 percent chance of rain on Saturday, with a slight risk of severe storms.

Waco School District Director of Fine Arts Larry Carpenter says they are hoping for the best, and a little rain won't scare them off. 

"As long as we don't have lightning, the bands will play on and it will be a great day of performances for everybody," Carpenter says.

He says they have been planning the competition with the Bands of America organization since last spring.

"We're excited to have Bands of America coming in. They're one of the premiere contests in the United States. They're not just Texas, they're all over," Carpenter says.

25 bands from all over Texas and Oklahoma will compete tomorrow in hopes of being crowned the champion of the region. 

Even though Waco High School won't be competing, Carpenter said it is a great learning experience for the students. 

"To see the caliber of bands that are coming, it's going to be an incredible day of learning for our kids in front of the scenes and behind the scenes," Carpenter says. 

In November, Bands of America will host what is considered the largest and most prestigious marching competition for high school.

"We're just excited that this big organization is coming in and Waco ISD gets to be a part of it," Carpenter says.

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