Primary race for McLennan County D.A.

WACO, Texas - One of the hottest races right now is the Republican primary for McLennan County District Attorney. This has incumbent Abel Reyna against challenger Barry Johnson.

The Twin Peaks court cases have also played a big role in this race, as well as how these cases will be handled. This is one of the main factors people are considering when they vote. 

Abel Reyna has sat in the District Attorney seat since 2011. The deadly Twin Peaks shootout took place in 2015, when Reyna was in this position, and also ended up turning some against Reyna. 

Reyna made the call to arrest more than 170 bikers at the scene and charged them with engaging in organized crime and setting a $1 million bond. 

Almost three years later, 58 of these people no longer have to worry about going to trial because their cases were either dismissed or refused. Only one case has gone to trial, and it ended with a hung jury.

Reyna's challenger, Barry Johnson, is s a former Dallas attorney who is originally from Waco. Johnson accuses Reyna of mishandling the Twin Peaks cases, saying he'll do a better job and be more transparent. 

Johnson says Reyna's actions in the immediate aftermath of the shootout left the county on a potential financial catastrophe. 

Reyna and Johnson both have watch parties on Tuesday night. Join FOX44 at 9:00 p.m. for a live look at reactions to these results.

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