Promotion of prostitution nets 14 months in state jail

ROBINSON, SHAQUANDREA_1551730360978.png.jpg

A woman who admitted in court she helped a woman set up a system to sell sex on the internet has been sentenced to 14 months in a state jail.

Shaquandrea Michelle Robinson had been chared with promotion of prostitution.

When entering her plea in 19th District Court,  she had already been in jail 294 days.

The investigation into Robinson’s activities by the Waco Police Special Crimes Unit began just over a year ago.

The arrest affidavit says the investigator was looking into a case of possible human trafficking when she obtained information that Robinson had solicited another woman for prostitution.

The court paperwork alleges that Robinson gave the woman explicit instructions on how and what to post on Backpage and other online apps to solicit ” Johns” for the exchange of sexual acts  for compensation.

The investigator wrote into the arrest affidavit that she had learned that Robinson organized the other woman’s online postings and arranged ” work” for her and also gave her instructions for pricing when it came to certain sexual conduct.

The affidavit included the allegation that the suspect did “knowlingly solicit another to engage in sexual conduct with another 

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