Robinson parent has problem with registered sex offender

ROBINSON, TX - One Robinson parent says he's being forced to buy his daughter's school clothes at the Hometown Spirit Store owned by a registered sex offender. 

Owner Keith Johnson refused to comment about any of this, except that parents are welcome to shop elsewhere. 

The parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he can only shop at this store or at the school, which sometimes doesn't have the stuff. 

The parent says, "It is totally legal for him to own this business, but I think it is immoral and against the wishes of the town." 

According to court documents, Johnson was a Robinson Independent School District employee at the time of his arrest back in the 1990's. 

The parent says, "A lot of new parents don't know anything about this, and they were very shocked to hear about it."

The man says he knows this from his mother, who used to work at the Parole Office.

"I am not here to ruin anyone's business. I am not here to hurt anyone's lifestyle," he says. 

The father explains he just wants the school district to offer him another shopping option. 

"There are a lot of parents who feel the same way, and a lot of people are afraid to speak up." 

FOX44 wanted to talk to the school about the situation, but was told the superintendent wasn't available. We reached out to several school board members, but came up empty.

The parent says, "I want my kid to fit in. When you get older, certain athletic things that they want you to wear on special days, it is not optional. You have to have them."

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