Seminar aims to help entrepreneurs start up their businesses


Start Up Waco has partnered with The Warren Group to provide potential entrepreneurs what they need to start their own businesses.

They heard from several speakers such as attorneys, bankers and successful business people to help these dreams come true. 

Lana Alexander and Stephanie Tolbert think they have a money-making business idea.

“We both decided to put our heads together and make it happen,” says Tolbert.

“We know there is a need and so we want to fulfill that need,” says Alexander. 

The idea is so good, they don’t want to spill the secret out just yet. But they plan for it to open by the end of 2019, or hopefully sooner, in China Spring. 

“It’s going to be something they can use, and not just once or two [times], but we are talking for a lifetime,” Alexander explains.

First though, they came to Friday’s seminar to learn about making their business a success.

Alexander continues, “So to know that they are there to help us with that plan. They have templates. Everything that we would need to help us, and especially being able to grow that plan. And then to know the information of doing the math.”

Warren Group Founder Sidney Warren says it’s a great time to start a business in Waco.

“Waco is in the midst of a boom. There so much going on in Waco and the economy, and of itself. Just to people up and running, you know, just because this country is founded on small businesses. Small businesses represents 60 percent of the workforce. 70 to 80 percent,” explains Warren. 

Start Up Waco is a nonprofit organization inspiring to lead Waco’s entrepreneurs.

“What we are trying to do is make the resources in the community more visible and more connected in the way they help entrepreneurs,” says StartUp Waco Executive Director Greg Leman.

It’s help that Lana and Stephanie are glad to take advantage of.

Alexander explains, “There are people right here in our community who can help us with these ideas, not something we just have to come up on our own, but it was exceptional to know that we didn’t know they were here.”

They are going to host another seminar sometime in September.

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