Severe weather ruins Texas Food Truck Showdown

WACO, TX - Saturday's severe weather is to blame for the early shutdown of the annual Texas Food Showdown in downtown Waco. 

Fox 44 spoke with some vendors who complained about having to pack up at 5 pm instead of 8 pm due to heavy thunderstorms. 

Waco police say they had no choice but to put everyone's safety first. 

The vendors were very disappointed as they have been waiting and preparing for this day all year. 

They suggest having this event twice a year not just in spring. 

The event was organized by the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce. 

Jonya Williams with Mad Hasher Waco food truck says, "It is unfortunate but it is also part of the business. When it is raining, it is cold or just ugly weather there's just not any business, but when it is a beautiful day that is when everyone wants to come out. "

She was hoping Mother Nature would cooperate this year. 

Williams says, "I kept looking at my phone all day thinking it might rain I did not expect the storm though."

However, she says she understands that safety comes first. "A lot of metal trucks in one area at one time with the bunch of metal hoods on top of them and I think it is just dangerous and I think the City of Waco made a really good decision," says Williams. 

Her employee Corey Hart feels bad for the vendors traveling from other cities. 

"The other trailers and trucks that came from you know Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston it is disappointing because they only got to do the samples. They didn't get to sell their full menus," says Hart. 

The early shutdown crushed every vendor's competitive spirit and a chance to show off their signature dishes. 

Unfortunately bad weather means bad business. 

Hart says, "A lot of money was missed out."

Mad Hasher offers brunch Sundays at their regular location on S. University Parks Dr. 


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