SFAB Recruiting Soldiers from Fort Hood

FORT HOOD, TX - A specialized military team is in search of soldiers.

Recruiters spent the day at Fort Hood encouraging troops to join the newly-assembled Security Force Assistance Brigade. 

Hundreds of troops filled the Howze Auditorium to learn about the SFAB. Leaders are looking to hire 800 experienced soldiers from across the nation. 

"So what we're looking for right now is we're looking for soldiers that are committed to the Army that want to put themselves out there and be committed to the Army's mission of advising and assisting," says Cmd. Sgt. Maj. Raymond Harris. 

SFAB works closely with allied and partner nations, advising indigenous forces and helping secure borders. The military says the specialized unit takes some stress off the rest of the Army. 

"The purpose of the Security Forces Assistance Brigade is to pull from the brigades that already exist, the personnel that we need, and then we can continue to train as advisers and have the Brigade Combat Team stay in tact," says Sgt. Maj. Joseph Tinker.  

Troops are already signing up to volunteer, including Sgt. Bradley Grimes.

"I've shown a lot of interest in it because of the complexity of the mission. It's more of a training and advising mission more than just going in and occupying the area," says Grimes. 

He's already had similar experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, he's looking forward to his next mission. 

"It's more of a cultural experience. You get to experience the culture and get more one-on-one with the host nation," says Grimes. 

Soldiers from the first SFAB are already on the ground in southwest Asia. Recruiters say the focus now is filling positions for the second group. 

Troops who join will be paid $5,000. However, they are required to go through extensive training before getting in.

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