Small businesses multiplying in Waco

WACO, Texas - Small businesses are popping up in Waco, and the Chamber of Commerce says there is no sign of the trend slowing down. 

"People love us, and we love them," says Blue Jug owner Barbara Glaze. 

Blue Jug is a business offering customers alkaline and hydrogen water. Glaze says this is her way of helping people stay healthy. 

"If you are not drinking the right water, then it's pulling out of your kidney, pulling out of your liver. And this is where all the sickness and diseases start," Glaze says. 

This is one of more than 1,000 businesses registered through the Waco Chamber of Commerce. 

Sub-Zero opened their doors last December. This business makes their own ice cream. Business owners say Waco is home, and it's growing. 

"This location, specifically, is a great place because Baylor is right down the street and Magnolia is right down the street, too," says Sub-Zero employee Anthony Lopez. 

The Visitors Bureau says 2.5 million people stopped in Waco last year. This is an increase from the 1.9 million visitors in 2016. 

"We love being at Magnolia, and it's been really great for our business. But we hear a lot from locals that they don't go down to the Silos very often, so we hope to capture that business," says Luna Juice Bar owner Summer Shine. 

Summer opened her Luna Juice Bar food truck at the Silos in 2016. 

"Uptown is the connector between suburban Waco and downtown Waco. So we feel like we are going to be able to capture people on their way in to work or on their way home. And uptown is really up and coming," Summer says. 

The juice bar plans to open it's doors next month. 

If you want more information on any of these businesses, you can click here: Blue Jug, Sub Zero, and Luna Juice Bar.

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