Spring weather attracts snakes


The spring’s Bluebonnet season is here and that means more Central Texans will be outside enjoying the flowers and taking pictures. 

But the warm temperatures are also luring out venomous snakes.

Woodway’s Whitehall Park is the perfect place for the Bluebonnets, but so is for the snakes to come out and enjoy the sunshine. 

Fox 44 spoke with several people on Sunday and they all said it doesn’t even cross their minds to worry about snakes. 

Stella Clafferti, 8, hopes a snake will never bite her.

“I can imagine how painful it could be. I would run and tell my mom I got bit by a snake and she would take me to the hospital.”

Her sister Alice has a plan if she ever crossed a path with a snake. 

She says, “Really the best thing that you can do when approaching a snake is to leave it alone.” 

Dr. Jared Mabery at Waco’s Premier ER and Urgent Care warns about the dangers of snake bite. 

“They can even cause systemic effects regarding your blood system – blood clotting and can cause very serious and even fatal reactions if you get a significant amount of venom,” he says.  

The doctor says most venomous snake bites are extremely painful.”

And if bitten don’t take it lightly. 

“There are clues there if there are blisters or discoloration around the bite itself,” says the doctor. 

He reminds everyone not to take any chances while outdoors. 

“Watch where you are stepping and be careful,” says the doctor. 

This whole discussion about snakes certainly sparked Alice’s curiosity. 

“I’m gonna look up what venomous snakes look like.”

The doctor says most snake bites he sees come from non venomous snakes. 

However, if you get bit by any snake he advises to have a doctor check it out. 

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