Staff trains for Scotty's Brewhouse grand opening

WACO, Texas - A new restaurant has moved in to the old Twin Peaks building after years of the property being vacant.

Scotty's Brewhouse will be opening the doors to diners this Monday, and management is really wanting to build a new reputation for this spot after nine people were killed in the parking lot in 2015.

The building was shut down for nearly three years, and is getting new life with a long-awaited new tenant opening the doors.

"It's been great," says Brand President Chris Martin. "The community has been awesome. The people that we were able to find to help renovate the building were phenomenal. The normal problems of moving into a new state and a new city."

Scotty's Brewhouse completely redesigned the restaurant formerly occupied by Twin Peaks. They were holding staff training on Thursday.

The Indiana-based company announced their move to the vacant property last November.

"When we were looking for the first place to be and come to Texas, it just made a lot of sense. It's a great sports town. It's really centrally located, and then this specific location, we were just really excited about the traffic. The brands that we're here with," Martin says.

The Central Texas Marketplace Brewhouse became most known after the 2015 shootout between law enforcement and biker gangs left nine people killed and 20 more injured.

Waco is now the brand's first reach into Texas. They have remodeled the 7,800 square foot restaurant with a Baylor theme.

"There'll be a lot of Baylor stuff in here as well as other Waco stuff, and it'll really just be the place you can watch the local team, always," Martin says.

There are about 150 who will be going through a couple of soft-opening events over the weekend, with the restaurant opening to the general public starting this Monday.

For more information, you can go here.

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