State Representatives discuss future plans for Texas


With the election over, state representatives are focusing on how to make Texas better.

Local representatives discussed their main priorities going forward into a new year at the State of the State Luncheon on Wednesday. 

All representatives say education is one of their priorities.

“You know, educating our kids is our future. And there is a lot of challenges in Texas, as the comptroller has mentioned. For decades now, we financed education. And trying to make a change in that is very difficult,” says State Representatives Charles “Doc” Anderson, for District 56.

Last year alone, Texas spent $80 million on education.

“Well, if you look across the state of Texas, I mean, we have over five million kids in the public school system. With all the growth in Texas, we have an additional 80,000 kids entering the public school system every single year. So there is a lot of pressurization and growth in that area,” explains Texas State Comptroller Glenn Hegar.

Now that Hegar has been reelected, he says his main job is monitoring the economy.

“Also been working on a public education school fiance public education that we plan to send out here in the next month because that is one of the biggest issues we have to deal with,” Hegar adds.

District 22 Texas State Representative Brian Birdwell wants more of the education money spent on helping students.

“Right now, most of the expenses you are seeing is in leadership. I want to see the dollars we are corporating getting into the classrooms, better pay for teachers and all of that,” Birdwell explains. 

But education isn’t the only big issue for lawmakers.

“How do we fund our water infrastructure in the future, and how do we make sure the Texas economy with is not only the envy of the nation, but the envy of the world,” Hegar says.

District 12 State Representative Kyle Kacal adds, “How do we maintain it? How do we sustain it? This growth with everybody moving here and our economy, we have some big challenges ahead. We gotta provide water, education, infrastructure for these folks.”

There will also be a luncheon where you can hear District 17 U.S. Representative Bill Flores discuss future plans. This will be at 11:30 a.m. on December 3rd at the Baylor Club.

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