Tattoo shop holds fundraiser for parents of autistic children

WACO, TX - "Infamous Ink" tattoo shop in Waco is raising awareness for autism.

Sunday the shop held a fundraiser for the Heart of Texas Autism Network. 

Every penny from tattoos and piercings, auction and other goodies sold goes to the non profit group. 

The network says autism affects one in every 63 children. 

Jennifer Johannsen, the member of the non-profit group dedicated to autism is also a mother to three autistic boys.

She told Fox 44 how much this event meant to her as well as to other parents in her situation.  

She says, "It means so much to me, thank you everyone. My boys vary in different degrees and so does every child with autism, which is why it is a spectrum disorder." 

Johannsen explains the challenges of raising children with special needs. 

"You have your good days and bad days, some days you have meltdowns, other days they are great." 

But Johannsen would not have them any other way. 

"I would not change my children for the world, they have their own kind of personalities and I love them all dearly," she says. 

Chonna Colbert, the shop's owner is happy about the turnout. 

"Doing this kind of stuff restores our faith in our community and just seeing the amount of people that came out and support us helping to support such a great cause." 

Johannsen wants to remind everyone not to judge kids like hers. 

"You can think that a kid is acting up in a store cause they are having a tantrum, but they could really be a child on the spectrum having a hard time," she says.  

She encourages other parents in her situation that there's hope. 

"My boys have had years of therapy and they have actually done really well."

The non-profit group is already planning another fundraiser on April 28 at Waco's Brazos Park East. 

The goal is to start at 8 am for a run and then walk.

Details are on this website. 


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