Teens exposed to mumps at cheerleading competition

DALLAS, Texas - Texas Health and Human Services sent out thousands of letters to parents warning them of a potential and very contagious mumps exposure.

Central Texas cheerleaders were exposed to the virus last month during the National All-Stars Cheerleading Championship in Dallas. Now one local parent is sharing her concerns.

"My daughter is the flyer. The main flyer. So if she cannot do it, then who's going to do the competition," says mother Roxana Robles.

Robles' daughter is one out of the thousands who went to the championship event in Dallas.

"I know it's painful. And I've never had that before. And I don't have any family who has had it. But when your kid is sick, always. It always breaks your heart," Robles says.

The Texas Department of State Health Services issued out a letter advising those who went to the competition that someone there had the virus.

"It's highly contagious, so it's really easy for it to spread from one individual to another," says Baylor Scott & White physician Dr. Brian Barkley.

Barkley says the mumps are easy to catch inside a gym-like environment.

"Coughing on someone, sneezing on someone, sharing a drink with someone," Barley said.

Extreme Cheer, Gymnastics, and TNT and Powerhouse Cheer and Fitness in Temple both confirmed they were in Dallas for the cheer event. But the doctor says they are not out of the clear just yet.

"The main thing with mumps, after you've been exposed it can take a couple of weeks for the symptoms to appear. Up to two weeks, or even longer. So, really you're not in the clear until you're past a month," Barkley says.

And though no one has showed any sign of the virus, Robles says she will possibly get her daughter the vaccine to protect her at future competitions.

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