Temple Library Board votes to impose display guidelines


The Temple Library Board approved it’s first ever book display policy on Monday, this after nearly a year of arguing over an LGBT display showcased during Pride Month.

“If you’re going to cover the topic at all, cover both sides,” said a speaker.

Before the vote took place, many people told board members their opinions hoping to sway their votes.

“Homosexuality, murder is in the same category,” said one speaker.

“Being born homosexual or so-called transgender is a myth, there is no evidence,” said Steve Desjardins.

“Sexual orientation is determined by biology as much as height or skin color is,” said another speaker.

“I am so sick and tired and tired and tired of being called a lifestyle, are you kidding me? I am a human being do you want me to tell you that your Christianity is a lifestyle?” said Irene Andrews.

Board members heard from every speaker, and voted unanimously to impose guidelines on displays.

“We’re not going to do displays that promote a cause,” said Library Director Leigh Gardner.

Under the guidelines, “Displays should not promote a specific religion, political party, or cause.”

According to the Temple Public Library’s Director, that is where the LGBT display would fall.

“It was definitely not very detailed, kind of general, didn’t really take stand where it needed to be took,” said Desjardins about the new guidelines.

If a librarian has questions about what they can and cannot display, they must first get the theme approved by the Library Director.

“That to me says you as an independent professional librarian cannot do your job, or we don’t trust you,” said Andrews.

“I have confidence that my supervisors are going to follow the policy and work with their staff,” said Gardner.

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