Temple Police reminding drivers to not use cell phones in school zones

TEMPLE, Texas - Handling your phones in the car is against the law, and law enforcement is saying the worst culprits are in school zones - putting young lives in danger.

Cops are beginning to crack down on this law. 

Temple Police have seen an increase in complaints, and this week they are increasing the number of police in school zones.

Temple PD is not playing around when it comes to stopping people from using their phones while driving in school zones.

"For this 2017-2018 school year, we have received actually 317 citations or warnings for this past school year," says Temple Police Public Information Officer Shawana Neely.

Neely says they just want the community to be more aware while driving in school zones.

"The whole goal in this is to make sure our kids are safe. Make sure those people crossing the street in the school zones and people exiting off the school bus, they are safe. So that's why we go out and write these citations," Neely describes.

No matter where you're driving, using a cell phone at the same time is against the law. The consequences are not cheap.

"One is you may possibly get a warning, but I don't know if that's always the consequence. Secondly, you know, if we write citations it hurts you in your pocket. We have come to believe when it starts taking money away from you, you will pay more attention next time," Neely says.

Neely explains the point of the law is to make the communities safer.

"That's the whole purpose of us being here is that we want to protect the safety of others, especially the kids that are trying to go to school and get off the school bus, we want to make sure we keep them safe," Neely says.

Little kids are running around and are excited to leave class - you never know what could happen.

"The worse that could happen - you may run over a child that may dart out into the street. But hopefully with our presence being in these areas, we can prevent that from happening. I mean, especially the young kids. I don't think they pay attention to that at all. I think sometimes they get off the school bus and dart across the street. That's why it's incompetent of us adults to make sure that we take care and caution when we are driving in these school zones," Neely explains.

If you see someone driving in a school zone on their phone, be sure to stop and call the police.

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