Texas Senator launches re-election campaign in McGregor

McGREGOR, Texas - Texas Senator Ted Cruz stopped in McGregor Monday, defending his seat as he runs for re-election against Democrat Beto O' Rourke. 

Cruz met with supporters at a farm which was filled with over 100 people. He spoke about a variety of things - going back to events such as Hurricane Harvey and the Sutherland Springs shooting.

Cruz says it is important to preserve our constitutional rights, including owning a gun. He says it is important we keep our second amendment, but still keep criminals away from guns.

"Grassley- Cruz if the democrats hadn't filibustered it, would have directed the Department of Justice to prosecute him, which means, he would've been in jail and not murdering innocent men and women and children in that beautiful country church," said Cruz. 

The Texas senator pointed out, it is a gun owner who shot the Sutherland Springs church shooter, and possibly saved more people from dying. 

FOX44 will also be with Beto O' Rourke when he makes a stop in Waco on Tuesday.

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