Texas Teachers Weigh In On Oklahoma Educational Funding Debate

KILLEEN, TX - Thousands of teachers in Oklahoma ditched the classrooms and protested a lack of education funding. This is all inspired by West Virginia teachers who saw a pay raise after recently going on strike.

While teacher pay is higher in Texas compared to Oklahoma, one Killeen teacher believes educators here deserve more. 

According to the Killeen Independent School District, the starting salary for teachers is $46,500 a year. 

"For me as a single mom, and a teacher, no. It's definitely not enough. You often hear about people working two and three jobs just to make ends meet," says Jennifer Huffcut, Killeen Educators Association Secretary.  

Huffcut can identify with her angry colleagues in Oklahoma.

"Area teachers are just saying 'Yeah, this is not right. This is not enough,'" Huffcut said.  

The educator believes she and many other teachers across the country are being underpaid. At times, it's left her feeling undervalued. 

"There's a lot of societal pressure. The disrespect. The things that come with it. The stigmas that come with teaching. Oh, you're just a glorified baby sitter. There's more than that we do," Huffcut said. 

Huffcut works as a general education teacher in Killeen, and says she wouldn't have it any other way. 

"I love them to death. I spend more time with my students then my own kids. Not that it's fair, it's because I love it and I want the best for them," Huffcut said.  

Still, she worries other teachers nationwide won't be willing to stick around. 

"It's not saying that you have to pay us so much more of an amount. Look at what we do and what we supply our locals, our state, our nation. We supply the children of the future," Huffcut said.

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