TXDOT: Take Caution on the Road

WACO, Texas - With Hurricane Harvey moving closer to the coast, people are getting out of the way!

"With the kind of weather we are anticipating the traffic on I-35 has the potential to increase," says the Public Information Officer Spokesperson for TXDOT Waco District, Ken Roberts.

He says this weekend will be a good time for locals to stay home. 

"As traffic increases, obviously with evacuations we are going to want our local traffic to stay off the roadways as much as possible to allow folks that are coming in from those areas that are being inundated to be able to move into the area, to find safe shelter, and to hold on for a while until the situation passes," says Mr. Roberts

Along with the traffic causing problems, rainfall from Hurricane Harvey could create flooding. 

Mr. Roberts says "When you are talking about the kind of weather we are anticipating right now all of the roads, all of our state highways, US highways, farmer market roads, city streets, all of them are prone to flooding so everyone has to drive safe and be smart."

It only takes 6 inches of water to move a vehicle, so if you see flooding avoid it.

"Whether it is I-35, whether it is any of our state farmer market roads, or even city streets if you don't have to be out there, don't go," says Mr. Roberts. 

Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind this weekend.

Mr. Roberts advises "It is going to be a particularly dangerous situation with the amount of rain, with the type of weather we are anticipating so the first thing to consider before you get out on the roads is "Do you have to go?"

And if the answer is yes, there are tools to make the trip a little safer. 

"Know before you go, go to drivetexas.org or contact our 800 number, 800- 452-9292 for current road conditions," says Mr. Roberts 


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