TxDOT prepares for more drivers on the road this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is just days away, which is one of the busiest travel times of the year.

TxDOT says as the number of drivers double, it increases the chances of crashes on the roads.

The National Safety Council estimates more than 400 people killed and another 49,000 injured in crashes this Thanksgiving. As Texas saw the most fatalities on the road this time in 2017, TxDOT is hoping more people will be careful this week.

Barbie Baker and her family are passing through temple from Corpus Christi. They’re on their way to north Texas for the holidays. 

“We head home every single thanksgiving. We’ve done it for 43 years now,” Baker said. “We have a couple of hours left. We are heading towards McKinney north of Dallas and it’s been great.”

They say there’s been no slow down for them yet but TxDOT says between Bell County and Hillsboro, up to 110 thousand cars pass through I-35 on any given day.

“We are not going to have lane closures, we are not going to have any contractors or anyone out there actually working over this holiday period but again, it goes back to heavy traffic,” TxDOT public information officer Ken Roberts said.

Last year TxDOT counted more than 3400 fatal crashes across the state. November had the most fatalities and in that month, 340 people died on Texas roads.

“Slower is better,” Baker said. “There is no reason to be in such a hurry that you cut people off or be rude. I hope everyone drives nice so we can arrive home for the holidays safely.”

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