TxDOT starts $20 million road project in May


Drivers in McGregor might soon be forced to find another way to get to Waco. 

The Texas Department of Transportation is starting a $20 million construction project at Highway 84 and Speegleville Road in mid-May. The construction is set to affect neighbors and businesses in the area. 

TxDOT held a public meeting detailing the project on Tuesday. The people who showed up said they liked the project idea. 

TxDOT wants to replace the traffic lights at the intersection of Highway 84 and Speegleville Road with bridges. 

“I have been waiting for this for the whole time we’ve been here,” said resident Jaylyn McDonald. 

McDonald has lived in near the intersection since the 80’s, and says it’s about time something gets done. 

“The area has grown so much, and the traffic has gotten more and more horrendous. And to have an overpass, there is going to be the boom and blessing for this area that we have ever had,” said McDonald. 

TxDOT is taking over more than two miles between Harris Creek Road to the South Bosque River. 

“We are going to be looking to the motorist to perhaps find alternative routes,” said TxDOT spokesperson Ken Roberts. 

TxDOT says the bridges will make the commute safer and more efficient. McDonald agrees, saying this is why he leaves to work early every morning. 

“I leave probably earlier than I’d like to just because of the traffic,” said McDonald. 

The project is expected to take over two years to complete. 

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