UPDATE: Killeen ISD teacher pay raise approved unanimously

KILLEEN, Texas - UPDATE: The Killeen Independent School District school board unaninmously approved a pay raise for teachers on Tuesday night.

Below is the original text from this story:

A pay raise may be coming for school staff working for the Killeen Independent School District.

The school board is expected to vote on a proposed two-percent pay raise. 

Teachers, cafeteria workers and bus drivers all gathered at the administration building to voice their concerns on Tuesday night. Many shared stories of struggling to make ends meet with the money they are being paid.

"We just want a fair wage and to be able to live on what we do. I hate asking for food stamps. I just want to be able to support my family and feed my family," says bus driver Daniel Bundrant. 

Bundrant stood before school board members. He works for the district and makes about $14 an hour and brings in $1,500 monthly.

"I'm having to ask my parents sometimes to help pay bills. We're down to one car, which it has a lot of difficulties getting started sometimes. It doesn't run reliably. So trying to make sure I'm able to get to work sometimes is difficult," Bundrant said. 

Approving the pay increase would cost the district $5 million. 

"We really believe that two-percent at this point is striking that balance. Again, we want to make sure we are highly competitive in the market, which we believe we are," says KISD Superintendent John Craft. 

Local teachers are fighting for a four percent increase, but school officials say they can't afford it. Still, Bundrant and other workers will continue to push for more. 

"We're teaching the kids and we're teaching the future. If we don't invest in the people that are trying to make the future better, what's the point?," Bundrant said. 

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