UPDATE: Mother speaks out after attack on football field

WACO, Texas - FOX44 is now hearing from the mother of a high school student seemingly targeted on the football field by two Waco University High School freshman players.

Jennifer Gower can't forget what she saw on the night of September 13. Her son, Jagger, was playing for Burleson High School in a freshman game - when he was hit and choked by #76 from Waco University High School.

Jagger's head was repeatedly slammed into the ground.

"If this is allowed to happen, then it's going to happen to somebody else," Jennifer says.

Jennifer believes her son was targeted by players from the opposing team during kickoffs.

"I've been told it's because he was a quarterback, but I'm not satisfied with that answer," Jennifer says.

Jennifer is not satisfied because Jagger, who plays special teams, was one of two Burleson quarterbacks who played that night. She said the other player was left alone.

In another video, Jagger is targeted and laid out by #18. And during another play, #76 - the same player who would later choke Jagger - tackled him and then held onto him.

When he finally let go, it appears another player punched jagger to knock him down.

"My biggest thing is I don't want this to happen to any other kids or parents," Jennifer says.

In a statement to FOX44, a Burleson Independent School District spokesperson said, "Our coaches quickly ran onto the field to intervene on behalf of our player." They added that they "protested the incident with Waco ISD officials."

"I don't feel like that's acceptable at all," Jennifer says.

FOX44 spoke to Waco Independent School District Athletic Director Johnny Tusa about this incident, and he told us the University High student in question had been punished in accordance to UIL rules.

"And then, of course, we have some local punishment that we also.....that our coach's administered. Just whatever they deem is extra," Tusa says.

However, Tusa would not comment on what extra punishment was administered.

For more information on the attack, you can view our previous story here.

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