Terrace Gardens Apartment Catches Fire

WACO, Texas - Ten people are lucky to be alive after a fire broke out on Thursday night at the Terrace Gardens Apartments.

No one was hurt, but the apartment where the fire started is now unlivable.

Firefighters believe something electrical caused the fire.

The person who lived in the apartment where the fire started did not want to speak on camera because he is still processing the fact he lost everything.

David Stoneking is another resident who lives here, and didn't know what to think when he first saw the fire trucks after 8:30 p.m.

"It's a very scary thought to come home from work one day, and all of a sudden your home and everything in it is gone," says Stoneking.

Stoneking joined his neighbors standing outside while they were forced out of the building by the sound of smoke alarms going off.

"Turns out there was a small fire in one of the units and everyone was safe. There was a ton of pets in the building, and they all made it out just fine," Stoneking adds.

He feels very lucky because his building didn't catch on fire. 

Stoneking says, "It's a good reminder that you know things like this can happen at anytime, and I always feel foolish with renter's insurance. But now I feel better about it."

The neighbors are also thinking of the man living in the apartment where the fire started.

"I feel terrible for him. I know that he has lived here for so long. It's going to be a big, abrupt change for him," one neighbor said.

The firefighters put the fire out in about an hour and a half, and then allowed people back inside their apartments - except everyone living in the building where the fire took place.

"Everyone had to spend the night somewhere else as some of the smoke cleared out. But as far as I'm aware, everyone else came out okay. Unfortunately, it's just living in a town like Waco where you have a lot of buildings that are a lot older, but it's a good reminder that with older buildings, sometimes you have to take extra precaution and just be aware," Stoneking says.

Original Story:
​Fire crews are currently working to put out a fire on the first floor of a Waco apartment complex.

Waco fire officials say the fire at the Terrace Gardens Apartments has been caused by something electrical.

When firefighters got to the scene, they saw smoke and fire coming from an apartment on the first floor.

The occupants of the first floor were displaced, either by fire or smoke damage.

There are no reports of injuries.

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