Waco Catholic church continues Good Friday tradition

WACO, Texas - The St. Francis Catholic Church of Waco is hosting their "Stations of the Cross" event for the seventh year in a row.

The event is a recreation of Jesus Christ's crucifixion, and is put together by re-enactors and members of the congregation.

The procession starts at the entrance to Cameron Park and goes down Martin Luther King Boulevard to the church - while stopping along the way to pray and reflect on Jesus's sacrifice. 

One deacon says its not necessarily the Friday that is good - but rather, as he puts it, what comes after.

"Tomorrow is a joyful day because it is the beginning of Easter. When he is raised from the dead to give us life," says Deacon Jessie Garza.

Church staff say their event is very important not just to the Christian community in Waco, but to the Latino community as well.

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