Waco City Council closer to approving Heritage Square developments

WACO, Texas - Waco council members are looking at a plan called "Civic Center."

If it's approved, Heritage Square's parking lot will be filled with things to do. 

City leaders hope Heritage Square will soon be the vibrant part of downtown Waco. 

"The success of bringing people downtown is happening, and now we are having to adjust," said Larry Holze, city spokesperson. 

City council members are looking into a plan that could change the parking lot with more trees, pedestrian friendly, entertainment spots, offices and places to just sit and mingle. 

"I think its going to be beneficial as Waco growing as a bigger city, so I think it's going to be cool," said Kennedy Franklin, Baylor student. 

The layout isn't final, city leaders are taking in recommendations like adding a small grocery store. 

"Something that would have some meat, and some prepared foods, and that's all up for decision. I think it's wanting to have something that people can buy, pick up and go home and cook," said Holze. 

The approval for the Heritage Square plan should happen in next weeks council meeting, and once construction starts, it may take up to two years before it's all done. 

"I understand why now people stay in Waco for the rest of their life. It's an amazing city, it's an amazing small little town that's just growing day by day," said Franklin. 

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