Waco community honors homicide victim

WACO, TX - Family and friends of 34-year-old Brian Robinson gathered Saturday for a balloon release ceremony to honor him. 

Waco police say someone gunned down Robinson Thursday at Harlem and Hood. 

Robinson's wife Leticia Ramirez came to the ceremony which was held just feet away where his body was found and now the memorial sits. 

"He was a good friend, a father and a husband and I will surely miss him, he was friends with everybody, everybody knew him."

The red and white balloons released into the sky symbolized his favorite colors. 

Robinson's sister in law Latrina Washington says she relies on her faith for comfort during this difficult time. 

She says, "First of all, the thing that will give us strength to go on is God and if everyone knows God they will be able to go on, it will be hard to go on for a while because everyone is going to look for him."

Ramirez describes her husband whom she met when they were just teenagers as "funny, smart, playful, got along with everybody."

Police are looking for those responsible for his death. 

If you have any information, call them and remember you can remain anonymous. 

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