Waco woman battles snakes

WACO, TX - Beverly Cox is battling snakes around her house. 

Since May she has killed 19 Copperheads. She says the snakes like her oak trees, being close to water and a generous supply of cicadas. 

Plus the hot weather makes it really appealing to live under her deck. 

Cox says, "I raised three children here,I have been here for 60 years and this is the first time."

And it seems the snakes only like her house because they don't pose any problem for her son who lives next door. 

Cox says, "Is it cause I am sweeter than he is? I don't know but it is interesting that he does not have a problem."

Cox says she is especially worried about her pets as one snake already bit her dog. "They are not aggressive snakes so you really have to watch where you step. "

She has set up several snake traps with a glue board inside and says once the snakes get trapped inside, they eventually die. 

However, she won't use gas to exterminate their nest underneath her deck saying that could cause an explosion and dead snakes could make her and her pets sick. 

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