Waco Wonderland kicks off month-long holiday celebration


The big event that’s kicking off the holiday season is here in Central Texas.

Waco Wonderland is a month-long celebration of all things Christmas.

All day Friday, city workers were out in Heritage Square making the wonderland happen.

“It’s not only an event for our local residents, we have people from the regional area, different counties around and also the hotels are full, it’s really become a statewide destination for events and I’ll tell ya, it’s a great way to kick off the holiday season,” said Jonathan Cook, Community Promotions with the City of Waco.

About 7,500 people were expected to show up at the big event on Friday.

“When we started 6 years ago, we wanted an event to bring people to downtown Waco, to showcase the restaurants and the merchants and the different attractions that we have but as I mentioned, it really is highlighting all we have to offer and really just showing the spirit of community that we have,” said Cook.

That’s one of the reasons the Waco Wonderland draws so many vendors.

“We’ll be here for all three days so just to see all of Waco come out and then for our kids to be out here, I love all of the events that they have planned so I’m excited for them to experience that,” said Breanne Johnson, Owner of Salt and Lake Trading Co.

“We are so thrilled to be a part of Waco Wonderland this year we’re excited to meet everybody and I hope everybody enjoys what they are going to be able to see and find, you won’t be disappointed,” said Melissa Copp, Executive Director of Raising Wheels Foundation.

Copp is with the Raising Wheels Foundation, she and her team sold pre-lit decorated trees as well as wreaths to benefit disabled children of Central Texas.

“It’s going to help them make changes in their homes, get better access inside their homes by making small changes. We’re going to be able to give them life assist tables for the caregivers, we’ll be able to give them things that insurance doesn’t cover,” said Copp.

“It’s really all about the community and a family environment down here and we created a safe place to come out and kick off the holiday season,” added Cook.

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