Wacoans pay tribute to Doris Miller on Pearl Harbor Day

WACO, Texas - A large crowd showed up to honor a local World War II hero on Pearl Harbor Day. 

Community members gathered at the Bledsoe-Miller Center to dedicate the Doris Miller Memorial.

The memorial features a nine-foot bronze sculpture of Miller - a member of the Navy who lived through the attack on Pearl Harbor. Miller was born and raised in Waco, and was the first African-American to receive the Naval Cross for his heroic acts during the attack. 

"Petty Officer Miller's actions exemplify the ideals that [make] me, and all who wear the cloth of this nation past and present, proud to serve. From all accounts his heroism came as naturally to him as breathing," says keynote speaker Admiral Keith Jones.

Students from the Doris Miller Junior High School in San Marcos traveled to Waco to attended the event. A Phase Two of the memorial titled "Many Sailors Make a Ship" is still in the works.

Train Waco is hosting a workout in honor of World War II hero Doris Miller on Saturday morning.

The Crossfit workout is open to everyone and aims to generate support for the completion of the memorial.

To date, $1.5 million has been raised for the completion of Phase One of the project. Over $77,000 has been raised for Phase Two.

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