Weather ruins airshow in Waco


Hundreds of Central Texans braved Saturday’s cold temperatures for the Heart of Texas Airshow at Waco’s Texas State Technical College Airport. 

For the first time in 30 years the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flew over the Waco skies. 

Unfortunately, the weather got so bad, the show ended early. 

Rachel Edsom came out to see the show despite the bad weather. 

She says, “I am freezing, but it was good.”

Four military branches wowed the crowd with their breathtaking performances. 

Debby Standefer, the show’s organizer says the show included performances by all kinds of planes flown by incredibly talented pilots. 

She says, “Some of those maneuvers are actually 18 inches apart, that’s precision.”

For Edsom’s fiancee Jared Skopik this was his first time seeing Angels perform in Waco. 

He says, “The maneuvers, the speed, the accuracy of how to make those maneuvers without making any mistakes is great.”
Skopik says, “It kind of put a damp on today’s events but I mean it is kind of cold.”

Edsom adds, “It is disappointing, but I do understand because they can’t put their lives at risk just to put on a show, so I am okay with it.”

The organizers say they didn’t expect such bad weather but are grateful with the turnout. 

Standefer says, “The crowd that we had out there was amazing for being this cold, you guys are unbelievable.”

If you were disappointed, here’s something to cheer you up. 
Standefer says they will honor Saturday’s general admission confirmation ticket during Sunday’s event from 9 to 6. 

Just make sure to bring with you. 

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