Woman facing charges for threats in Cove

COPPERAS COVE, TX - Copperas Cove police say some tense moments ended without injury after a woman had a weapon pointed at her as she stood on the porch of her home.

The victim caught most of the incident on video as police were on the way Tuesday afternoon.

Officers were called to the home in the 900 block of Laurie Lane first simply asked for help in removing a woman who would not leave the property.

Then when they were on the way about 4:30 p.m. they got a second call from the resident saying the woman was pointing a firearm at her. 

Papers filed with the court indicate the woman, identified as Joanne Karuda had gone to the home and would not leave the property.

The victim told officers that after her first call, she stood on the porch and started video recording the woman in her yard.

Police say the video showed the woman approach the porch with the victim telling her she would not be allowed in the house.

The video then showed the woman pulling out what appeared to be a firearm from her right back pocket, points it at the victim and tells her to " shut ******* up", then putting the firearm back in her pocket and trying to grab the victim's phone.

At that point, the victim told her she was going in to get her own weapon, goes in the house and makes the second call.

When police arrived they found Karuda getting into a pickup, told her to get out and show her hands, then recovered what turned out to be black Powerline BB gun from the glove box of the truck.

Police report that in the video you could not tell from a distance that the weapon wasn't an actual firearm.

Karuda was taken to jail on a charge of deadly conduct.

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