Woman witnesses fatal auto pedestrian accident


Following the auto pedestrian accident Friday, one witness was willing to talk with Fox 44 on Sunday about what she saw that tragic evening. 

The accident happened on I-35 Highway near H-E-B store in Bellmead. 

A 37-year-old man from Borger Texas – Nicholas Bryant was pronounced dead on scene.

The woman who wishes to remain anonymous says, “I heard this really loud crash almost as if it were two cars colliding but as I looked up I saw this body rolling underneath the car and he landed in front of us.”

While calling 9-1-1 she and her husband tried to shield their child from seeing the horrific scene. 

“When you see it with your own two eyes it is traumatizing and it is gruesome and it is something you will probably never get out of your head,” she says.  

The woman says the overpass is just a few feet away from where the accident happened, which makes her wonder whether he committed a suicide or had drugs/alcohol in his system. 

The Department of Public Safety says at least two vehicles ran over the man. 
But the witness believes there were far more. 

“At minimum 50 cars ran over that body,” she explains.  

She believes his pain is over, but for those who loved him it has just began. 

“This is somebody’s brother or husband or dad.” 

The DPS is reminding pedestrians to never cross the freeway.

And to only use designated areas, such as overpasses. 

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