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In the midst of the OxyContin lawsuit, one local doctor is cutting back his patients’ opioid doses.

“There’s no way that we’re going to write a medication that has a lawsuit pending against it for addicted qualities. I think that impugns that drug right from the jump,” says Dr. Scott Irvine, of Integrated Pain Associates. 

Irvine has already started weaning his patients off of OxyContin at Integrated Pain Associates. He believes it won’t be long before the drug is taken off the market. 

“There’s been some suspicious activity in regard to the addictive qualities and reported addictive qualities of OxyContin since the time it came to market,” Irvine said. 

Irvine has seen those addictive qualities first hand in people seeking pain relief from the medication. 

“It’s probably the most euphoric thing we have. Euphoria is the thing that patients perceive as pain relief, but in point of fact it’s not pain relief, it’s sort of an adjustment in a mental attitude – a high, if you will,” Irvine said. 

Nearly 20 percent of Irvine’s daily patients are battling opioid addiction. Many don’t know they’re addicted, but Irvine said the signs aren’t hard to spot. 

“Once they become addicted it’s very difficult. They become defensive, belligerent, violent, you know we in the clinic have even though about at times getting a security guard,” Irvine said. 

If you’ve found yourself addicted to OxyContin or any other opioid, doctor Irvine advises you to seek help before it’s too late. 

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