Staying safe during hunting season


Deer hunting season started this weekend and the Texas Parks and Wildlife is reminding Central Texans to follow the rules and stay safe. 

Fox 44 spoke with hunter Jobey Ragan who has hunted for more than 15 years. 

He doesn’t take hunting safety lightly and his number one rule is, “Never travel with a loaded firearm, you never know what can happen, the gun could fall, hit a bump, you always load it when you are by yourself and standing and everything is situated.”

The deer hunting season will last till January 2019.  

Ragan says it is important to know what’s behind your target when shooting. 

He says, “You don’t wanna shoot into an animal, into a house, a car, something else.” 

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife hunters are prohibited to drink alcohol while hunting and must wear an orange outfit and a hat on public lands. 

Ragan says, “You wanna make sure that if you do run across other hunters you wear bright orange so clearly you are not mistaken for any deer or game type of animal.” 

He recommends a compass or other form of GPS, rather than relying on a cellphone alone. 

“Sometimes you get in woods and there is no service, especially during an evening hunting it gets dark quick, there is no telling how long you would be there by yourself or what could happen.” 

Carrying a first aid kit is always a good idea in addition to protecting eyes and ears. 

Ragan says, “It never hurts to wear ear plugs, deer rifles are very loud and eye protection as well, they go hand in hand.”

According to the state agency, a hunter born after 1971 must take a training course or be accompanied while hunting.  

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