TCEQ: Mart violated wastewater rules


The City of Mart faces allegations it violated several wastewater rules from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

According to a new report, the TCEQ received two complaints about how the city was disposing of wastewater at the start of the year. 

“Appalled by them,” says Archie Nobles, a Mart homeowner for ten years. “There’s been a lot of boil orders and stuff in the past continuously. The citizens of Mart pay for the water like everybody else around the nation. And they should be getting quality water”.

Investigators found 18 alleged violations at the Mart Wastewater Treatment Facility, including evidence of unauthorized discharges that overflowed on at least one city street and one creek.

“The citizens of Mart pay for the water like everybody else around the nation. And they should be getting quality water,” Nobles says.

They also took a sample at the plant during the January inspection and found it had E. coli at six times the maximum limit.

“So we can fix my favorite sewage and things like that is unacceptable. Six times the normal. It has to change,” Nobles says.

The investigator also says city officials took an uncovered dump truck, filled it with sludge and parked it at the City Hall’s parking lot. 

The TCEQ has not set a time limit on getting these problems fixed, but it did explain to the city’s mayor that the sooner they are taken care of – the smaller the fine will be.

“We got to do better. We need it. We deserve it,” Nobles says.

You can view the report by clicking the attachment below.

TCEQ sent the report to Mart Mayor Len Williams. No penalties have been set at this time. TCEQ explained that if the numerous violations are corrected in a timely manner, the administrative penalties may be limited.

We have reached out to Mayor Williams, and will have his response as soon as we get it.

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