Testimony begins in Estela Fajardo’s criminal trial


A jury made up of 4 men and 8 women listened to witness testimony on Wednesday in the criminal trial of Estela Fajardo.

The mother of four pled not guilty to theft after prosecurots say authorities discovered stolen property in her Robinson home back in early 2016.

In the trial, the prosecution wants to show the jury that Fajardo bought stolen goods from two men she knew were burglars, on the other hand, the defense is trying to show she had no idea the items were stolen.

During testimony the jury heard from one of two men who is currently serving a 20 year burglary sentence.

For 2 to 3 months, Jatramaine King said he and another man, Laderron Henry broke into homes all over Waco.

He says they stole everything from jewelry to electronics and would sell those stolen goods, especially jewelry to Fajardo.

When she would ask where the items came from, he said he would lie to her and would tell her he got them from his cousin, never admitting to her they were stolen.

When Henry got to the stand — he plef the 5th and would not cooperate during questioning, despite a promise of immunity.

The jury also heard testimony from several victims whose property was stolen and later recovered at Fajardo’s home.

They all reported to the Waco Police Department that thousands worth of jewelry and electronics were taken from their homes.

Two Waco Police burglary and theft detectives also took the stand on Wednesday, they took part in a search warrant at Fajardo’s home.

They say a total of 72 items were taken from her home that appeared to be stolen.

Fajardo’s attorney says he will not dispute that items were stolen, but continues to say she did not know they were stolen.

Testimony in the trial will continue Thursday morning at 10:30 am.

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