The power of water conservation


About 140 people of all backgrounds gathered Thursday at Texas A&M University Central Texas to learn all about the water issues affecting Bell County, and the most recent challenges of the past few years.

The 18th Annual Bell County Water Symposium focused on understanding the importance of groundwater and surface water, issues that affect everyone.

“We’ve all heard it, we are ground zero of new people coming in, new subdivision, land development and those things, so when you bring new population in, you have to have water to meet their needs,” said Dirk Aaron, General Manager of Clearwater, Underground Water Conservation District for Bell County.

Aaron says it’s important to focus on long-term planning.

“The biggest thing the general public can do whether they live in the country or live in town stop, and I mean stop overusing water for landscape purposes, redirect that typically a person living in the city that’s got a sprinkler system and a very expensive landscape they probably use 80 percent of the water they purchase and bring to their homes they put right on to their lawn in some capacity. We need to shift that, it needs to be 20-80,” said Aaron.

In fact, per capita consumption of water rangers anywhere in Bell County from 96 gallons to 350 gallons per person per day.

“We have to learn how to conserve in order for the farmers, the ranchers, even our urban areas to have sufficient water to use for various different purposes,” said John L. Driver, County Commissioner-Elect for Precinct 4.

The newly elected commissioner attended Thursday’s event hoping to learn how to prevent a water shortage.

“We have to work together within the region to ensure that the water that we use is being used right,” said Driver.

Aaron says the consequences we face for not conserving water, could be a stop in growth and development.

“Whether your source of water is a private well or it’s a public water supply, conservation and a societal change on how we use water needs to occur.”

The event featured a total of 15 speeches.

To learn more about the event click HERE.

To lean more about what you can do to help conserve water click HERE.

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