Weather making pests and allergies worse


It seems like Central Texas has gone through four seasons in just a week – 80’s one day, 30’s the next, then back to the 60’s.

The weather has been all over the place, and it is having an effect on everything from our health to the pests in and around our homes.

“I’ve had several patients I have seen this morning ‘Allergies are terrible today’, so it’s definitely something that people are experiencing this week in Waco. We are having lots of troubles with allergies this week, and people are frustrated with it,” says Family Medicine Practitioner Dr. Tim Martindale.

Martindale says some of those allergies are caused from the drastic weather changes.

“So this last week, we had nice, warm weather. And then it went really cold, and got back to warm again. In the cold, you tend to have less problems with floating allergies – on the other hand, the cold seems to also, cause you to be more inclined to pick up viral illnesses,” Dr. Martindale says.

And one of the key instigators is the winds.

Martindale says, “And so it is true that the wind will also times cause a lot more times with the allergies, so when you get a windy day you can almost see it floating down from the trees – where you will notice your cars have yellow stuff caking the windshield.”

The rollercoaster weather doesn’t only affect your allergies. It affects when insects start coming out. 

“It confuses them more than anything,” says CenTex Pest Control owner Jeff Wooten.

Wooten says you will start seeing more pests outside because of the warmer temperatures. 

“Bugs, they go into hibernation for the winter. And as soon as they think it’s over, they are going to come out in force. And everything has been having to wait this year. It’s been a long winter. So now that they finally think it’s over, they are coming out and showing themselves,” Wooten continues.

Wooten noticed all the termites hiding last week. But after the cold went away…

“lt’s almost like they could tell we were going to get cold here just this past weekend, and now we started seeing them come out. It almost seems like maybe the cold is done,” Wooten explains.

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