Widner Products fire in Rogers burns thru night


On Tuesday evening around 5:00pm, Widner Product Finishing caught on fire and firefighters from all over Bell County have been working to put it out ever since.

Rogers, Little River Academy, Troy, Temple, and Holland Fire all jumped into action.

“They are pretty worn out, they have been here since 5 pm yesterday they are really tired we had some good operations going on last night that saved more than 50% of the building,” Steve Casey, the Bell County Fire Marshall says.

Casey says its all started because a dust collector machine malfunctioned.

“Caught the dust on fire moved into the wall and from the wall went into the ceiling area and caught the ceiling area on fire and more dust and some residue dust and also some insulation and fully involved the middle part of the building,” Casey explains.

The fire gutted half of the 54,000 sq. foot building. The manager says the plan is to rebuild, but that will have to wait until 400 to 500 sheets of plywood burn up.

Casey says “They are on fire inside they are not hurting anything to burn and it’s too dangerous to move them, we don’t have the equipment to move those out of the way, and plus they are in the middle of the floor they are not hurting anything so we are just letting them burn.”

Which will probably take another day or so.

He says the community is stepping up to help while the fight continues.

“We had a lot of ladies from the fire departments bring food and water,” Casey explains.



Firefighters remained on the scene of an industrial fire in Rogers, Texas Wednesday morning as flames remained in parts of the interior of the building housing Widner Products Finishing Company.

Fire units from multiple fire departments, including Rogers volunteers, had responded to the fire late Tuesday afternoon.

Others came from Little River volunteers, with Temple Fire and Rescue sending an engine and a ladder truck.

Troy Volunteer Fire Department came to the scene late Monday morning to provide some relief to firefighters who had been there through the night.

Bell County Fire Marshal Steve Casey said a  large stock of plywood inside the building was being allowed to burn itself out. 

Fire Marshal Casey said it appeared a dust collector machine malfunctioned and caught dust on fire, with flames moving up a wall and into the ceiling.

From there, more dust and insulation was ignited and flames then spread to the stock of plywood

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