Woman pleas to charges of faking child illness to raise money


29-year-old mother Katelyn Carnline has pled guilty to a second-degree felony nearly a year after her arrest. 

Carnline starved her seven-month-old baby and posted pictures online, asking people for money to help save the child. 

Family members are now taking care of the baby, and we are told the child is now healthy. 

The Children’s Advocacy Center is not involved directly with this case. However, the program director explained what could possibly happen next. 

Dr. Kerry burkley | children’s advocacy center waco

Dr. Kerry Burkley is the program director of the Children’s Advocacy Center in Waco. He says parents posting fake illnesses about their children online happens too often. 

Carnline admitted to starving her seven-month-old baby and then creating an online page saying the infant had “a rare genetic disorder.”

But this isn’t her first time. Police say Carnline admitted she raised money after telling people her oldest child had cancer. 

Burkley says it’s possible the children may never see their mom again. 

“Certainly with a history that it goes into account when you are having to care for children, minors, who depend on an adult to take care of them in every way,” Burkley says.

This is where Child Protective Services steps in – making sure children have what they need to recover from abuse. 

In the baby’s case, Burkley says CPS conducts their own investigation to make sure the caretaker has the resources to raise a child.  

A judge will decide Carnline’s sentence in August, which could include paying back the money she raised.

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