As pain specialists we understand the tremendous impact pain has on a persons’ quality of life.  We care for thousands who suffer from chronic pain and we experience firsthand how recent regulations are affecting pain patients and the physicians that care for them.  The tragedy of hundreds, even thousands, of drug overdose deaths has understandably taken precedence in the news media.  Governments and other agencies have responded to the crisis, but some of the actions taken are highly unlikely to solve the problem of overdoses and needless deaths; meanwhile, they make life very difficult for individuals with chronic pain and for the physicians looking after them. 


We fully support the fight against the opioid epidemic as it applies to fighting addiction but not when it hinders patient care. 


The arena of Pain Management and how patients are treated is changing so rapidly, making it impossible for most providers and patients to keep up with.  Many providers have stopped prescribing pain medications altogether and many pain patients are looking for answers.   There has not been enough education about these changes provided to patients, providers or the public.  As pain specialist  it is our duty to stay up to date on current changes in order to be able to deliver quality care.  We want to do our part, within our specialty, to combat the opioid epidemic and to provide answers for pain patients. 


We launched the #PainStopsHere Campaign to provide education and resources to healthcare providers, patients, and our community.  We also want to bring awareness to the  chronic pain  We want to help stop the pain, pain caused by addiction and drug abuse AND the physical pain experienced by over 100 million Americans every year.

National Drug Take Back Day – April 28, 2018 (10a-2p)


A full list details for Waco, Hewitt, Temple, and Killeen take back locations & events will be posted here as scheduled:


Waco PD

3115 Pine Ave, Waco, TX 76708


Woodway PD

920 Estates Dr, Woodway, TX 76712


Hewitt  PD @ Walmart

733 Sun Valley Blvd, Hewitt, TX 76643


Baylor PD

Speight Plaza Office and Parking Facility 1521 S 4th St, Waco, TX 76706


Lorena PD

100 N Bordon St, Lorena, TX 76655


Lacy Lakeview PD

503 E Craven Ave, Lacy Lakeview, TX 76705


Bellmead PD

701 Maxfield St, Bellmead, TX 76705


Killeen PD

3304 Community Blvd, Killeen, TX 76542


Harker Heights PD

402 Indian Trail, Harker Heights, TX 76548


Nolanville PD

101 N. Fifth St., Nolanville, TX 76559


Copperas Cove PD

302 E Avenue E, Copperas Cove, TX 76522


Temple PD

4209 E. Ave. A., Temple, TX 76501


Coriscana ISD Law Enforcement @ First Baptist Church Parking Lot

509 W. Collin, Corsicana, TX 75110


Fairview PD @ Fairview Fire Station #1

500 South State HWY 5, Fairview, TX 75069


Mills County Sheriff's Office @ Mills County Law Enforecement Center

211 Pridy Dr., Goldthwaite, TX 76844


Lampasas PD

301 East 4th Street, Lampasas, TX 76550

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Following are some of the key differences between addicts and pain patients:


Addicts take drugs to get high and avoid life

Addicts isolate themselves and become lost to their families.

Addicts are unable to interact appropriately with society.

Addicts are eventually unable to hold down a job.

The life on an addict is a continuous downward spiral.

Pain Patients

Pain patients take drugs to function normally and get on with life.

When pain patients get adequate relief, they become active members of their families.

When pain patients get adequate relief, they interact with and make positive contributions to society.

When pain patients get adequate relief, they are often able to go back to work.

When a pain patient gets adequate relief, their life progresses in a positive, upward direction.

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