Baylor Football Set For Spring Drills


The Baylor football team will open spring practice on Wednesday morning at 6:00am, starting four weeks of intense workouts culminating with the Green and Gold game on Saturday April 13th.

Baylor made the leap from a one win team to a seven win team last season and now Matt Rhule wants his team to take that next step, but it will not be easy, and it starts with having a good spring.

“It’s not easy, but it’s a lot easier to go into a one win team or two win team to get them respectable, and to get them to be a good team,” Rhule said Tuesday. “It’s much harder to go from good to great, and that’s because most of us are pretty happy just being good. we spend a lot of time saying hey at least we’re not as bad as we once were. It takes elite focus and it take elite accountability to become a great football team. I judge that day-in and day-out based on what I see with the work ethic.”

Rhule originally planned to have the team open spring drills before spring break, but decided a condensed focused schedule would be better for his team.

“Last year we finished on the [April] 27th,” Rhule said. “Because we have the five kids running track right now, I moved it up to the 13th. I like to do it as lat as possible but the school week was different this week we started a week early so, I like to get eight weeks of training before we go into spring ball. And we made a decision that we wanted to do an intense, spring ball over four weeks, most people do it over five but we try to isolated it and get them to really focus, almost like it’s in-season. What we found with our guys was that when they are really really focused, on an intense amount of time they make substantive gains.”

Baylor will hold workouts on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this first week.

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