Baylor Offense Goes Cold In the Redzone


What was once a strength for Baylor has now become a weakness, as they have dropped to dead last in the Big 12 in Redzone offense.

That is due in large part to their 2 for 7 effort on Saturday against Iowa State, proceeded by a 2 for 5 day against Oklahoma State. Baylor Head Coach Matt Rhule feels like his guys are trying too hard, when the yards mean the most.

“I think sometimes when we get down there tight, especially early in the game, we just make a mistake because we’re just so amped up,” he said. “Then when we calm down in the second half, we throw the ball to Denzel [Mims] and he makes a play, throw the ball to Pooh [Stricklin] and he makes a play.”

Baylor quarterback Charlie brewer who threw for 288 yards and two touchdowns on the way to a 500-plus yard performance against the Big 12’s best defense. In fact the Baylor offense outgained Iowa State in passing yards, total yards and rushing yards, they beat them in every stat except for the scoreboard, and Brewer knows inside the 20 is where games are won and lost in the Big 12.

“We obviously moved the ball well, we just need to limit the penalties and stuff like that. I can make some more plays down there. We’ve moved the ball well we’ve just got to put it together this week which I think we will.”

Baylor opponent this week, TCU, ranks 5th in the Big 12 in redzone defense. 

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