Gathers Making Strides But Still A Long Way to Go

Frisco, TX - Former Baylor forward Rico Gathers continues to be in the mix for a spot on the Cowboys roster in 2018, as one of five tight ends on the roster.

Gathers spent last year on the injured reserve list, after some promising signs in the preseason catching a pair of touchdowns. On Wednesday Jason Garrett said he likes the progress Gathers is making but he still has a long way to go.

"He just needs to play more football," Garrett said. "We could practice five times a day and that wouldn't be enough for him and our younger plares. just because they need so much work. You have to take advantage of every rep you get. You have to be prepared. So every time you go out on the field it's a productive rep and then you have to learn from it."

Garrett said Gathers has flashed a lot in the passing game but he still needs to grasp all the other things that come along with playing tight end.

"His understanding of the passing game is better than his understanding of the running game," he said. He certainly has excellent ball skills, he knows how to run down the field, and be a mis-match player, I think we all saw that, those are all positive things. He plays a challenging position. You jave to be a run player, you have to be someone that understands protections, and routes and adjustments, and all of that. You certainly do yopur best, as coaches to put him in situations where, he can grow in each of those areans as you define what his role might be to help you."

Gathers is one of five tight ends on the Cowboys roster.

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