Lynch Adjusting Nicely to Another New Position

Waco, TX - Blake Lynch is making a transition to another new position at Baylor, trying his hand at safety, on the back end of the Baylor defense.

Lynch spent last year playing both corner and wide receiver after playing primarily receiver in 2016. Head Coach Matt Rhule feels like Blake has the perfect mentality to be able to handle another position switch.

"He loves football and it come easy to him," Rhule said. "Not many guys can play corner and receiver, and he was able to do that this year. It's not like it was the same offense, he had been in, it was different routes, and he just went over. he has a unique, football instinct. Football makes sense to him. I think that plus his work ethic -- he really wants to be good-- have made him go a lot further than I thoyught he would be at this point."

Lynch had 17 catches and 18 tackles playing receiver and corner last year.

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