Rhule Doesn’t Want His Bears To Over-Complicate Saturday’s Game


There will be a lot at stake on Saturday at AT&T Stadium as the Baylor Bears play their final game of the regular season with a chance to extend their season, with a win.

A loss would end the Bears season, on a three-game losing streak, leaving a sour taste in their mouth’s in what has been a season of improvement for Baylor.

With all that in mind, and everything that’s weighing on the players mind, Matt Rhule wants his guys to just go out and play the game that is on the field, without the other storylines playing a role.

“We have to move on from Saturday because we have one more opportunity this week,” he said. “If we don’t do our job on Saturday, there is no more “What’s Next” because the season is over. I want these guys to recognize that it’s just another game.”

Sophomore running Back Trestan Ebner said Coach Rhule and the seniors have done a good job of keeping focused on Texas Tech.

“We’re good,” he said when asked about his team’s mindset. “Coach Rhule and the seniors do a great job, of keeping our eyes forward, having tunnel vision. So we can’t really worry about the losses, we don’t know why they happen they can only hope to push forward.”

Baylor will try to stop Texas Tech’s two-game winning streak, in this series.

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